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CoDeSys v2.3.9.16 发布

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      3S公司在2009-10-08日发布了CoDeSys v2.3.9.16版本。
      这个版本支持32位的windows vista/windows.但是还不支持64位的windows vista/windows7.

      CoDeSys v2.3.9.16The software is released for Windows Vista* & Windows 7* (32 bit), Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME and 98 - Windows 95 is not supported! Not yet released for the 64-bit platforms of Windows Vista and Windows 7.* does not apply for SoftPLC CoDeSys SP RTEThis Setup includes the following components:CoDeSys - the IEC 61131-3 - programming system (full version)CoDeSys SP RTE - the SoftPLC under Windows NT/2000/XP with hard realtime properties without additional hardware or software (demo version executable for 1 hour, can be restarted as often as required)CoDeSys HMI - the Windows visualisation runtime for masks generated in CoDesys (demo version executable for 1 hour, can be restarted as often as required)CoDeSys ENI Server - the Engineering Server that is seamlessly integrated in CoDeSys and allows for a connection to version control tools, offers multi user operation and an open tool interface (demo version limited to the local data base)CoDeSys SoftMotion - the integrated Motion Control in the PLC programming system (demo version can be operated for 30 days)System RequirementsAll runtime system platforms (8bit Controllers, 64kB Flash, 64kB RAM upwards) can be programmed with CoDeSys V2.3.
      Pentium II, 500 MHz
      128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
      100 MB hard disc required
      Windows 2000 or higher (not yet released for the 64-bit platforms of Windows Vista* and Windows 7*)
      CD ROM drive
      * Restriction: CoDeSys SP RTE does not yet support WinVista, the systray command cannot be used for ENI.

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